Craig and Megan Ferguson talk about anything and everything on Couple Thinkers. The topics up for discussion include life (how to enjoy it), death (how to delay it) and the universe.

Like so many married couples, Craig and Megan Ferguson take a freewheeling approach to conversation. Whether they are talking about the good (how to feed the world) or the bad (how to spot a psychopath), their Californian home is a place
of constant dialog and debate. As Megan puts it: “Thirteen years ago we started a conversation and it has never stopped.”

What’s different from other families, though,
 is that Craig spent a decade as the host of The Late Late Show on CBS, so he knows a thing or two about where to find an expert when you need one. If the Fergusons need to settle a disagreement or get a definitive answer, they go and find a person who knows what’s what. They seek out someone who can give them the bigger picture, someone who can take their talk to the next level.

A lot of what they learn is eye opening. “I was surprised to learn that Neil deGrasse Tyson thinks there’s a fair chance that our universe is a simulation, just some kid playing with a computer in his mom’s basement,” says Craig.


SUSTAINABILITY Is there a way to create a sustainable food supply that will benefit us all? Craig and Megan want to know: “Can real food feed the world?” The person to ask is Kimbal Musk who, like his brother, is a far-sighted visionary with an amazing plan to transform the food industry. His work with and his learning gardens for schools are engaging young people and pioneering a revolutionary approach to food production.

SPACE & THE FUTURE Watch the news these days – not to mention the weather report – and it can make you worry for the future of the planet. Will we have to start building colonies on Mars? And if so, Craig and Megan want to know, “When do we have to leave this planet?” To find the answer, and to explore the idea that we’re all just part of an intelligent teenage alien’s imagination, they meet up with American astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

HEALTH None of us is getting any younger. But could we at least slow down how fast we’re getting older? And if we could do that, could we actually hold off how long until we die? Craig and Megan ask: “Can we stop aging?” In fact, could we live forever? Which then leads to another question: Would we want to? Scientist Daisy Robinton has all the facts on slowing down the ticking of our body clocks.

PSYCHOLOGY Most psychopaths aren’t like the ones you see in the movies. They’re not Alfred Hitchcock villains wielding knives in the shower. They can seem very ordinary and you may know a few of them. Which raises the question, “Can you spot a psychopath?” The person to ask is Jon Ronson, who wrote a book about the 20-point test that can judge if someone really is a psychopath.

THE RENAISSANCE PERSON Craig has had a variety of jobs: drummer in a punk band, comedian, actor, writer, TV host. Knowing which job is right for you can be tough, so Craig and Megan decide to explore the question: “How do you dare to follow your dreams and visions?”

THE TRUTH Mobile phones and social media make it all too easy to look at other people’s lives and think that they’ve found the secret to success. We constantly push ourselves to achieve more, but are we chasing the wrong goals? We ask Arianna Huffington “What is success?” She’s known lots of it – plus some failures – and now works with to develop new ideas about how to step away from you phone, relax more and sleep better.